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What are your thoughts on notch therapy?


Was wanting to get your thoughts on notch therapy. I know Signia offers a hearing aid with notch therapy. Does any of your patience use this type of hearing aid, if so what have the results been.

Thank you.
Rex Gellinger


Dear Mr. Gellinger,

Notch therapy is best used for patient’s with tonal tinnitus (tinnitus that sounds like a pure tone or high pitch).  The device is of very good quality for both speech clarity and the science behind notch therapy is sound.  I have used this device on at least a 100 patients for hearing and found it to be very solid for the right patient.
If you and your audiologist think that this is the best treatment for you then I suggest it.  Just remember that sound therapy is only a part of the tinnitus protocol, not the entire treatment.
My best, and best of luck!
Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA