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Is tinnitus or hearing aids covered by any insurance?


Is tinnitus or hearing aids covered by any insurance and do you accept insurance for tinnitus or hearing aids?



Dear Mr Glick,

Our tinnitus consultation is not covered by any insurance.  It is $285 for a 45 minute consultation with Dr. Jenkins.  If you need a hearing evaluation, that part is usually covered by all insurance.  Check your benefits to see if you need a referral from your physician first, however.
Hearing aids are covered about 15 to 20% of the time, and each insurance agency will have so many plans it is impossible for us to say.  It’s best for you to call the number on your card and ask.  If they say that you do have insurance we will get prior approval and verification as needed.
Call our office if you have more specific questions regarding your particular needs.   303-649-2122.  We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you soon.
Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA