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Is it safe to take Omega 3 fish oil without it causing tinnitus?


Is it safe to take Omega 3-fish oil to reduce inflammation and joint pain without it causing tinnitus.?Is there a safe dosage?

Brent Redstone


Dear Mr. Redstone,

If you take a good naturally sourced Omega 3 with no fillers, it is just like eating a lot of fish, and should help tinnitus by improving your overall health.  I have never seen a case where Omega 3 caused or exacerbated tinnitus.  I like Life Extension products as they are one of the most pure formulas at a very reasonable price.  I recommend only purchasing directly from them, however, to assure they have been handled well with minimal storage.  Use the dosage recommended on the bottle or by your PCP.
My best,
Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA