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I have had tinnitus in my ears constantly for three months.


I have had tinnitus in my ears constantly for three months. It might be getting worse, I do stress about it. Went to an ears nose and throat doctor that was recommended highly, and he told me there was nothing I could do for it. I do not have hearing loss, or loss of hair. This is something that I do see living with for the rest of my life. I am sixty four. I haven’t been ill, I have no idea why it started. Cherie Dodds


Dear Ms. Dodds,

There is always something that can be done for tinnitus.  He may have meant that there is nothing that HE can do for it.
If you are able to get to the Denver area, we could do full assessment to see the underlying causes, triggering factors and options for best treatment or remediation.  If you cannot get to the office I would like you to find a true tinnitus expert in your area so that you can get relief sooner rather than later.  There are so many causes and treatment options that each patient I see each day may end up with a different treatment plan.
If all else fails, we may be able to do a phone consultation.  They are never as good as in person, but they are a lot better than not getting the help you need.
By best and God’s blessings,
Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA