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Who would you recommend seeing for tinnitus and what credentials should they have?


My daughter in law age 52 has had sudden onset of tinnitus in her left ear. She has been seen by local physicians ( EENT specialist) and has had a regime of steroid injections over three weeks and the ringing continues unabated. She also had MRI to r/o acustic tumor. That was negative. From what I have been able to learn there are many causes for tinnitus.

Who would you recommend she see in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area??? Or other places, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois.

What credentials should the practitioner have?

I must admit that in the 45 years I practiced nursing, this was not a diagnosis that I remember ever had experience caring for.

My daughter-in-law is already experiencing stress from the constant ringing and finds it difficult to work any where the noise level is higher than normal.

I thank you ahead of time for your assistance with our search.


Dear Ms. Franklin,

Your daughter-in-law is so blessed to have you help her.  I understand what she is going through.  Not only the sound is an issue, but the unknown surrounding it can cause anxiety as well.
I don’t know of anyone in your area who I would recommend, but go to “” and type in your state or zip code to find board certified doctors who may be able to help.  Cross reference that list with  Hopefully you will find a match.  Although they do not have the same training and background that I do, I’m sure that someone will be able to help in some way.
Good luck, and let me know if I can be of any additional help.
Dr.Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

Is there any downside to using one of the noise cancellation devices early on?


I developed tinnitus on March 25 after a Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. I do show some mild hearing loss in the 4000hz, that seems to be staying about the same as of this date. Nobody can come up with a reason for it except perhaps an infection. I have known people who got better on their own in 6 months.

My question -is there any downside to using one of the noise cancellation devices early on, or is it best to wait at least 6 months to see if this will go away on its own? I am having a horrible time sleeping, and need strong meds at night.


Dear Kathy,

There is no downside to using any type of noise canceling or masking device as long as they are not set too loudly as to irritate the ear and cause more noise.  Even a fan in the room will help.  If it truly is due to a eustachian tube dysfunction, then eat less sugar and hopefully it will decrease on its own over time.
Remember that the noise devices are not treatment, and if there is no improvement in the next few weeks, or if it changes or bothers you more, go see your tinnitus specialist for real help.  Sometimes tinnitus can be treated naturally or very easily if we know your tinnitus completely.  There is always something that we can do to help, sometimes just a little bit, sometimes completely.
My best to you, Kathy, and keep us informed.
Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

What is the most powerful aide for cognetive hearing loss about 95% loss?


I have a severe hearing loss and my audiologist has started that my loss is too severe on the right side to even warrant an aide. So I go without a hearing aide on my right ear. What is the most powerful aide for congetive hearing loss about 95% loss?


You actually have a very good option.  My best friend has no hearing in one ear due to a previous surgery.  I was constantly trying to move around to “get on her good side”.  She has now been wearing CROS hearing aids for more than five years and she wears them constantly.  She will absolutely not be without them.

CROS hearing aids stand for “Collateral Routing of Signal”.  They take what you would have heard from your bad side and transfer it over to your good side.  It does not alter what you hear for the good side.  If someone whispers into your ear at the dinner table form your poor ear, you hear it clearly in the other ear.  AS you habituate, your brain can actually tell which direction the sound comes, from so it becomes natural over time.

If your hearing is too weak or distorted to clearly hear out of on one side, have your audiologist order you a set of CROS or BiCROS hearing aids.  I suggest you try two sets from different manufacturers to see which is best for you.  Signia, Widex and Phonak are the three most prominent manufactures that have them.  They have been around for years and years, but only in the last five years or so have they become easy to use.

All my best, and let me know how it goes!

Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

Can Tinnitus be present if the patient’s hearing is within normal limits on an audiogram?

The answer is definitely yes.

For tinnitus to occur there has to be a stimulation in the auditory cortex (temporal lobe), but that stimulation or irritation is not necessarily from the cochlea.  To determine where the signal is coming from you need to look at multiple areas and factors that can affect it.

By the way, a basic hearing test may not be a good indicator of cochlear function, as it typically only tests the frequencies needed for speech.  A more thorough audiogram or otoacoustic emissions test may in fact show some loss.

I hope that this helps,

Dr. Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

The doctor’s think I may have Meniere’s disease


I suffer from tinnitus in both ears along with hearing loss. The doctor’s think I may have Meniere’s disease. I have been prescribed different medications and none have seemed to help. I am very frustrated and considering seeking a specialist outside of Florida. Does the neuromonics treatment only work for some people, or has it been effective enough to work on everyone who has tried it?


Dear Mercedes,

The Neuromonics Oasis treatment is very successful for the right person, however Meniere’s patients have a few other things we must consider, predicated on how much your balance, dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus fluctuate at any given time within and out of episodes.

There are a few Neuromonicst treatments, as well as other viable treatments that may work for you.  Each patient is different and so each treatment plan will be different and formed around your auditory, somatic, chemical and limbic system factors.

If you find a good tinnitus specialist in your area, I’m sure they will help you to determine which program or treatment would work best for you.  If you are ever in the Colorado area, call us and see if we can offer some added insights into your treatment plan.

I wish I could be more specific, but each patient is unique.  My best to you for a quieter tomorrow!

Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA


Pulsatile Tinnitus in Left Ear, Tinnitus in Right Ear


5 years ago I developed a two toned noise in both ears. 24/7. 2 years ago I developed loud pulsatile tinnitus in left ear only. Now I have a high clanging cymbal noise and a tornado siren noise also in right ear. I am in torment, especially at night. I have been to 5 ENTs, Cleveland Clinic, OSU Tinnitus Center, and have had numerous hearing tests(hearing is fine),CT scan, and MRIs and all test are normal. Blood work is all normal. Have tried numerous white noise machines, sound pillow, ear devices, relaxation techniques, medical massage, all to no avail. Evenings and night are torment. What next? I can’t watch TV or barely read a book. I exercise to forget and not focus on the noises. I do not like taking sleeping pills to get only 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night. Please, any advice?


Dear Kim,

I have great respect for you that you have persevered and not given up hope in finding help for your tinnitus.  There are very few tinnitus specialists in the country, in the world for that matter, and that is why each place you go to may recommend different things.

We do have a comprehensive approach that may help you, but I’m hesitant to ask you to come here for an evaluation since you have been to so many places already.  Make sure all levels of nutrients have been measured in your blood test, as well as ruling out any deficiencies, etc. Also make sure that the massage therapist you went to is specifically trained in tinnitus assessment, as most are not.

We like to find the underlying cause to someones tinnitus before we begin to treat it whenever possible, so that we designate the appropriate treatment.  Sometimes the wrong treatment can actually set you back or exacerbate the issue.

My best to you, Kim, and if you are ever in our area, please schedule a consultation.  While I offer no guarantees,  I promise that you will learn much about your tinnitus, and hopefully we will be able to offer you significant help.

My best,

Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

Waterproof Auditory Filters and Brain Retraining Systems


My daughter Jenna was diagnosed with CAPD through ABLEKIDS Foundation and given an auditory filter. The filter works bur I was wondering if there is a water proof filter for this condition. Also do you know if programs like The Brain Balance system effective with retraining the brain? She has always hated school and does’t do well in academics at all. I am still looking for answers for her so that she can be a more successful teen/adult.  Thanks Eileen Fuhr


Hello Ms. Fuhr,

There are water resistant filters but no waterproof ones.

There are multiple brain retraining systems.  I recommend you go to Neurotone and look at the LACE system.  It is the most tested and reviewed system specifically for CAPD.  Many of the other programs may help also, as well as build confidence for your daughter.

My best to you both,

Dr. Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

What kind of aid is best for a person with narrow ear canals and mostly high frequency loss?

Many hearing aids will work with people with a narrow ear canal now that were not available even two years ago.  Continued miniaturization is your friend.

Most any style of hearing aid can be programmed to work with a high-frequency hearing loss, so the style that is best for you is the one that is most comfortable and secure.  Have your audiologist let you try different kinds.  If your ear is very small, the custom ‘In the canal” type may stick out a bit further from the ear than in someone who has a larger ear canal, but other than that you are still a candidate.  Some of the manufacturers are better known for making smaller hearing aids, such as Widex, Starkey and Signia.  Signia even has one that you can try same day, since it uses a medical grate sleeve instead of a hard shell for fitting.

Make sure that you go to a clinic that provides hearing aids from multiple manufacturers so you have a more diverse selection.  I’m sure that the right hearing aids for you is available, as long as you keep your options open.

My best,

Dr. Barbara Jenkins, AuD, BCABA

What is the “Hear to Work” program all about?

The Hear to Wok program provides hearing aids for working adults in Colorado who are having difficulty in their jobs due to hearing loss or who are having difficulty procuring employment due to a hearing loss.  High quality donated hearing aids and hearing aid services are given to the recipient.  In return, the recipient agrees to pay back to the charity $800 over time so that the next person can be helped.  The typical value of hearing aids and services provided usually exceeds $3000.

For further information please call the office for an application.  It is sponsored by the Sertoma Promotion Club of Colorado.