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Audiology Services

Hearing Loss

Determining what type of hearing loss you have is the first step in treating it.  Learn about the human ear and what may be causing your hearing loss.

Hearing Tests

It’s important to understand the basic anatomy of the ear to understand how hearing loss can adversely affect it.

Hearing Aids

There are more than two hundred hearing aids on the market today, and knowing which is right for you without professional help would be almost impossible.  Here is a brief description of the types available that you can use with your audiologist to determine which I best for you.

Tinnitus Treatment

To determine which tinnitus treatment is right for you, you must determine what is causing your tinnitus first.  There is hope if you move forward with the information you need.

Other Audiology Services

Ear Wax Removal, hearing loss prevention and ear health management are more services that we offer to help you to hear your best in all situations.

Professional Earmolds

Professional ear molds and musician ear monitors are a science in themselves.  See what options are now available and which earpieces may be best for you.