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“I have been seeing Dr. Jenkins for approximately a year in reference to Tinnitus and some hearing loss in my ears.  She conducted several tests and determined the ringing and constant roaring sounds in my ears were coming from medications I was taking at the time.  She offered advice on what types of natural supplements I could take that might relief the Tinnitus symptoms.  I started taking those supplements and it worked.  My Tinnitus is all but gone and even some of my hearing has come back.  Great job Dr. Jenkins, I thank you very much.”

Marvin Brandt

“Dr Jenkins,

Thank you so much for your nice call and so far all is fabulous, I have worked out, slept, and showered and have not even read the full instructions as my new hearing aids are staying in just right and no slippage.

You are really a nice and Top Dr, to work with and so glad to get going with you. My girlfriend did a lot of research to find you and she always finds the best.

Thanks So Much!”

Brent Marvin

“I have been a patient of Dr. Barbara Jenkins for over six years.  In that time I have upgraded my hearing devices three times;  the last upgrade in early 2013.  Dr. Jenkins provided me with a demonstration model of the last Siemens devices which allowed for a more advanced and variety of programming.  This included a program to dampen the high-pitched tones for my work as a dentist and a program with high fidelity to enhance the range of musical listening.

The week I started wearing the devices I attended a concert at the Colorado Symphony playing a composition by Gustav Mahler that required over 100 instruments and lasted over 90 minutes.  For the first time in my adult life I experienced an exquisite range of sound and clarity.  In this complex piece of music I was able to distinctly pick out the subtleties of individual instruments  as well as entire sections of  the orchestra simultaneously.

I cannot thank Dr. Jenkins enough for her recommendation of these new hearing instruments and her expertise. “

Gene S. Bloom, DDS

“As a patient of Dr. Jenkins for several years and presenting with both routine and also somewhat unusual symptoms, I have been most favorably impressed with her professionalism and thoroughness. Cheerful and encouraging throughout, Dr. Jenkins takes the time to explain, with words and diagrams, the likely source(s) of my problems, as well as what can (and as importantly what cannot) be done about them. This does not translate to hearing aids for all, as appears to be common in many practices. Dr. Jenkins is highly selective in her diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to a large variety of hearing symptoms and deficits, and I am entirely satisfied with the care she has provided me”.

Robert Thompson, M.D.

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